We create the individual „Metaverse“ for your business!


Since we have specialized for years in linking various media in an exciting and at the same time modern, digital environment, we have decided that "metaverse production" will now be created from our entire multimedia services. The users enter digital spaces and can freely interact with the products, media and other users according to their wishes. Therefore, our multimedia technologies are increasingly being supplemented with virtual and augmented reality content, so that new realities are created through the interaction of virtual, augmented and physical reality. Urbanmetaverse is now our new product name for multimedia presentations with virtual and interactive content.

We bring together a variety of different audiovisual media on an individually programmed platform and present our customers' services there in a modern and dynamic way.

At Urbanfilm we have been offering services for over 10 years now in just as many areas. From film, photo and sound to 3D animation - we professionally implement the wishes and ideas of our customers and their presentation benefits from precisely this wide-ranging expertise.

Whether, for example, as a virtual showroom, virtual exhibition stand, digital tour, support for a live presentation or as a digital branch - our in-house "urban digital" department will work with you to develop and implement the perfect solution for your company in order to create a new optmizied marketing tool.

3D Marketing:

Make your Metaverse presentation the virtual world you love! For example, if they use 3D characters, 3D objects, 3D spaces or interactive models, a wide range of creative styles and possibilities enriches the Metaverse productions.

360° photography and digital tour:

Perhaps you would like to present a product and accordingly present it in an appealing way? With a 90-degree-cove and a truss system, including motorized light rigs, our studio offers an ideal location for this.

Or do you need a digital tour of your company? In addition to the 360-degree-scenarios, the virtual reality application offers the viewer a lot of additional information through the integration of photos and videos, as well as texts and 3D renderings. An individually programmed navigation system helps the user with orientation. The system can be used with VR glasses, as a normal web application with a mouse and monitor, or on a mobile device.


We produce your modern corporate film, TV spot or product film and offer service productions. Everything you need for social media, your website, events and sales.


The future is now! We offer Digital marketing events, interactive 3D models, CMS based websites, virtual reality, online congresses and more…


The perfect rental studio for moviemakers an photographers. We offer the space and many services.


The individual „Metaverse“ for your business: multimediapresentations combined with virtual-reality and interactive 3D-objects.


We produce individual music productions and sound mixes for your corporate film, cinema or TV commercial in our in-house sound studios.


Product photos, 360 degree photography, brochure photos. 3 photo studios and permanent photographers are at your disposal.